Easy ways to solve the problem of being sleepy all the time.

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Unusual drowsiness I was sleepy all that time. In addition to making you feel not fresh. It also directly affects work efficiency. Because if we are sleepy while working, it will cause the brain to work more slowly than usual. I rarely think of anything. And it can cause you to become easily irritated and angry, affecting your relationships with those around you.

Sleep well at night. Think about this past week. What time do we go to bed? And what time do you wake up? If your sleep time is less than 7-8 hours for several days in a row, It’s no wonder you’re feeling sleepy. The solution isn’t difficult at all. Just from now on We have to go to bed earlier, like we normally sleep at 11 p.m., then move to bed around 10 p.m. to allow the body to rest fully. But if anyone has insomnia or difficulty falling asleep, which is the cause of not getting enough sleep. You might try eating warm milk, bananas, or honey before bed. It will help you sleep better. Or you can find essential oils like lavender and smell them to help relieve stress. Makes it easier for us to fall asleep as well

Go out and get some sunshine. Going out to get sunlight during the day is another way to relieve sleepiness all the time. Various lights, including sunlight, can affect the body clock, which is the body’s cycle that is responsible for regulating work. of various systems, สมัคร ufabet, including waking up. Therefore, going out to receive sunlight may stimulate the brain and body to feel more alert.  

Sip water during the day. When we think of “water,” we think of freshness first. Therefore, “water” is an excellent help in relieving sleepiness as well. As it is recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, it is correct. And you must drink it in small sips throughout the day because the body’s regular intake of water will help increase the oxygen level in the body. Charge your internal energy to increase as well. The important thing is that the water you drink should be warm and room temperature as well. So that the body can immediately absorb it and use it in the circulatory system to raise the blood. It will help increase freshness.

Nap during the day. If you still feel sleepy all the time, napping , which is a short period of sleep of 5–10 minutes, may help increase alertness. And it’s another good way to cure sleepiness all the time. However, you shouldn’t nap often or nap near your normal sleep time. Because it may make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep.