Symptoms and Meaning of light menstruation

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light menstruation are a condition in which menstrual blood flows less than usual. It can happen for many reasons. It may only happen once. And it’s not always a danger sign. It most often occurs in teenagers and women entering menopause.

Light or short menstruation Also known as “Hypomenorrhea” The symptom found is very little menstrual blood flowing. Menstruation is shorter than normal. Menstruation is irregular. Including not having a lot of bleeding during the first 1-2 days, but having a little bleeding. or there are drops of blood for several days instead of continuous bleeding

Normal menstrual volume should be between 5 – 80 ml if blood loss (per day) is less than 5 ml (about 1 tablespoon) ufabet or less than 30 ml per menstrual cycle. That could mean you’re experiencing lighter periods than usual. It is important to note that the amount of menstrual flow can vary from month to month and person to person. It is also related to factors such as age and hormonal birth control. and certain health conditions.

In general, a woman’s menstrual cycle lasts 21-35 days and each period lasts 3-5 days. However, some people may have their period for 2-7 days, which is normal. By the blood that flowed out There may be large, medium or small amounts that vary.

Taking care of your body’s health and strength in the following ways. It helps the various systems in the body function normally. And may help prevent light menstruation.

  • Eat nutritious food nutritious
  • Control your body weight within the appropriate range. Be careful not to lose weight too quickly.
  • Exercise in moderation, without overdoing it. or avoid sports that require a lot of strength  
  • Know how to control and relieve stress with various activities such as meditation, yoga, and meditation exercises like Tai Chi. and practice coping skills and managing stress by yourself, etc.
  • Always notice that Is your period normal or not? Because in some cases, menstruation is light, irregular, or other illnesses occur along with your period. It may be a sign of an internal health problem. Or it could be bleeding from illness. Not menstrual blood

Treatment options for menstrual shortness of time depend on the underlying cause of the symptoms. If the cause is a health condition that requires treatment You should see a doctor to use the appropriate treatment guidelines for your individual. But if the cause is due to natural factors such as stress or excessive exercise. lifestyle changes Both food and lifestyle are ways to help menstruation return to normal.