Understand the basics take care of your skin

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Under the concept of campaigning for everyone to stop using skin care more than necessary and focus on basics take care of your skin with 3 steps: Wash – Nourish – Protect, which is washing and cleaning the face. Thoroughly cleanse the remaining dirt on the skin while keeping it balanced and moisturized. The next step is to choose skin care products that help add moisture to the skin and keep it balanced, not too dry or oily. And the final step is to protect the skin with products like sunscreen that contain substances to protect the skin from UV rays and various pollutants. In addition to helping reduce the use of skin care more than necessary. In terms of protecting the environment, it can also greatly reduce waste from the use of skincare products.

Our skin is an organ that needs care every day because. It is the first line of defense that wraps and protects the body from external stimuli. Because of this, every day our skin is exposed to a lot of pollution and dirt. This is a factor that causes disease and other abnormalities that both occur directly on the skin and affect other systems in the body. Therefore, we must always take care of our skin to keep it healthy. There are 4 principles for taking care of your skin: cleaning, nourishing, prevention, and treatment.

Cleansing the skin is the first step in skin care. Because it removes the residual dirt that we will encounter during the day, ทางเข้า ufabet, including air pollution, dust, and sweat stains. cosmetic stains that accumulates and becomes a source of bacteria. Which may be if we don’t clean our skin regularly, it will make our skin shabby and cause various problems to follow, especially acne problems.

Maintenance skin care is a skin care process in. Which we use skin care products that contain important extracts to revitalize the skin. To keep our skin strong and healthy It’s like we add fertilizer to nourish trees. To make the tree strong and flourish Just like skin care, it’s like fertilizing. The mention fertilizers are important vitamins and extracts that make the skin radiant and strong. Which are mostly vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea extract, collagen, etc.

Protection an important principle of skin care is prevention. Because if we don’t have good skin protection, what we nourish will be wasted. The most important way to protect your skin is by applying sunscreen. It can be said to be an important step that we absolutely cannot ignore. Because the sun is a great skin damage agent that can cause various skin problems. Therefore, we should apply sunscreen regularly every day for good skin health.

Treatment treatment is a skin care method that aims to treat and heal skin problems that have already occurr, such as acne, wrinkles, dark circles, freckles, blemishes, and dark spots. There are many ways to treat these problems, starting. With using skin care products that There are important extracts or active ingredients that aim to solve skin problems such as vitamin A, antioxidants, ceramides, alpha arbutin, etc. There are also treatments that use procedures and medical technology such as Botox, laser treatments. etc. These will help treat various skin problems, making the skin bright and healthy.