Very addicted to smartphones Be careful, you may have sleepwalking disorder.

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Did you know that just by being addict to your smartphone? May be at risk of getting sick with various diseases. It can get quite a lot, especially Sleepwalking Syndrome which may sound strange but is a real disease. It also has a very negative effect on health. Therefore, today let’s understand a little bit about sleepwalking disorder. What are the symptoms of this disease? And how much of a negative effect can it have on health?

Sleep texting refers to the behavior of using the phone to reply to messages or send messages to others while they are asleep. Sleepwalking syndrome is one of the characteristics of a sleep disorder call sleepwalking. People with sleepwalking syndrome often don’t realize they’ve sent messages to others. 

As for the negative effects that arise from sleepwalking, there are many that many people may never expect. which can be conclud that.

  • There may be a misunderstanding between yourself and the person sending the chat message. Because while sleepwalking and sending a message You may never know what message you’ve typed. and type a reply to someone Before I knew it, UFABET, I woke up in the morning. Which has caused the other party to misunderstand and become a problem.
  • Health deteriorates Due to not fully resting That is because while sleepwalking the body behaves as if it were awake. As a result, patients are in a state where they receive little rest. Therefore making your health worse. The obvious result is that Feeling sleepy throughout the day Stress occurs and, in the end, it may cause various diseases. Many more can follow. Whether it’s obesity Heart disease or chronic headaches, etc.

Sleepwalking disorder is usually not harmful to one’s health or daily life. But it may create anxiety or may cause you to feel embarrassed. However, Can be easily prevent using various methods such as:

  • Avoid using your phone before bed. You may mute or turn off the phone. This is because notification sounds from your phone can trigger sleepwalking disorder. 
  • Sleep and get enough rest. You should get at least 7–9 hours of restful sleep, as sleepwalking syndrome can be cause by insufficient sleep.
  • Modify the bedroom to be suitable for sleeping. The bedroom should be quiet, dark, and have an appropriate temperature. These changes may help improve your sleep. 
  • Avoid eating food, caffeine, and alcohol before bed.
  • Exercise regularly because exercise often helps you sleep easier.