Alisson Becker pointed out that the criticism.

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Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker has pointed out that the criticism. That has come against the team is justified given their form at the start of the 2022-23 season only on field. There is no use in arguing.

Alisson just got the best player of the month for October 2022 for the club from a dogfighting save form that even clean sheets. But without the work of the 30 – year -old Dan Dan. The overall picture of the ‘ Reds ‘ would have been messier than this.  

The statistics clearly show that. The Brazilian goalkeeper’s efficiency denies conceding 6.56 goals is the best in the entire league at the moment. UFABET Which if you look at the numbers looks cool. But it would be better to super save as needed.  

Alisson siad:

“ When you look at that number It can be seen in a positive way.

“ But I don’t believe that we can use statistics to refer to performance whether playing good or bad. It’s a good sign. It indicates the direction you will take next. ” 

“ I don’t want to flatter myself a lot because of that. Because our performance statistics are good – but on the one hand it makes us happy. when numbers never lie. ” 

“ Being the target of criticism is part of football. Although not easy to cope with But we all play football. Until now I have come to terms with the criticism. This is part of the industry. ”  

“ You have to put a lot of pressure from the outside world , from the fans, from the press. Which is only at the big clubs being under that kind of pressure . 

“ Getting used to it, but we have to fight back. The method is to create good results on the field .

“ But what we can’t let go of is the influence of the critics. Make the mind agree more than before. ” 

Many statistics indicate that Alisson has been active this season. Including 9.8 shots per game , 4.4 shots on target per game and 6.9 shots in the penalty area per game .