Bayern Munich cuts Hertha 3-2, enters the herd first.

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Bayern Munich temporarily soar to the top of the crowd. When attacking to beat Hertha Berlin 3-2. Where the original football leader Union Berlin will compete on Sunday.

In just 12 minutes, the visiting team quickly took the lead. Sadio Mane brought the ball into the box. Before it flows out to the right, Jamal Musiala enters and presses with the right side of the net Bayern Munich leads 1-0.

The visiting team dominated the game. Before fleeing to 2-0, 37 minutes from the rhythm of the ball coming up beautifully. Before Leon Goretzka hits the defender’s block. But the ball still bounced into Eric Maxim Chupo-Moting, who fell and repeated the second sword UFABET 

and a minute later Bayern ripped away to 3-0, Mane pulled up. and sign out to the right for Serge Gnabry opened in the middle of the door. Blocking the home defense line. but still bounced into Chupo-Moting Falling down and repeating the second sword as before. 

The defenders did not give up easily, successfully cracking the egg in the 40th minute. Marco Richter scooped the ball from the starboard side into the box for Dodi Lukebakio, focusing on the right through Manuel’s hand. Neuer entered decisively. 

It’s just not enough at the last minute. 

The Old Lady made it 2-3 after Benjamin. Pawar to Addawi Selke fell into the frame. The referee checks VAR before blowing a penalty. And it was Selke who was responsible for killing himself without missing a beat. At the end of the first half, Hertha trailed 2-3.

The second half, in the 53rd minute, Tiger almost got 4 seeds from a beautiful ball connection and ended with Musiala shooting to save Oliver Christensen before the Hertha defensive line swept away.

Four minutes later, the visiting team missed another chance. From the chaotic rhythm in the frame The ball dropped to Musiala, who flicked from the right edge of the line to the front of the goal. Before the ball hit the end of Agustin Roquel’s stud, turning his way into his own goal. But in the end, VAR was ripped off Because there was a time when Alfonso Davis was caught offside first. 

Then we can’t do anything more. End of Bayern game Munich attack Hertha Berlin narrowly 3-2, ready to overtake Union Berlin to seize the crowd temporarily