Manchester City 2 – Fulham 1.

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Erling Haaland came off the bench to score the winning penalty in stoppage time as 10 Manchester City beat Fulham 2-1 in the football first half.

English Premier League Football
Manchester City 2 – Fulham 1

Stadium: Etihad Stadium

Starting the game, Manchester City played bustling. In the 3rd minute, Kevin De Bruyne opened for Julian Alvarez to charge over the crossbar.

In the ninth minute, this time De Bruyne scored himself from outside the box, but Bernd Leno was still able to brush it off UFABET

Four minutes later, it was still a chance for Ilkay Gundogan to shoot with a shot right in front of the penalty area, but Leno was still saved as a super save.

Until the 17th minute, the home side took a 1-0 lead when Ilkay Gundogan pierced through the right side of the penalty area for Julian Alvarez to insert a flick with the right foot to send the ball into the far post decisively.

However, in the 28th minute, the home supporters had to shock the whole field when Joao Cancelo grabbed Harry Wilson from behind as he was about to go into the shot. The referee handed out a penalty with a red card to send Cancelo off before Andreas Pereira fired in without fail to make it 1-1.

Even though there were fewer players, City still had a chance to win. In the 43rd minute, Alvarez gave Jack Grealish a drag to shoot from the right in the left side of the penalty area. But it’s not straight.

During the first half of the injury time, the sailboats were able to win again, Bernardo Silva gave the ball to Manuel Akanji, header did not pass Leno’s hands.

Second half.

Fulham had some chances in the 62nd minute, but Harry Wilson’s shot didn’t hit the target.

In the 74th minute, sailboat cheerleaders had to be heck when Kevin De Bruyne elaborately opened from the left, curved into Erling Haaland’s head, headed the net. But from the VAR check. It turned out that the Norwegian spearhead was offside. So the score was forfeited back.

The game is already pretending to end with a draw. But in the 5th minute stoppage time, the sailboats received a penalty when Anthony Robinson hooked De Bruyne’s leg, stubbornly falling down. The referee immediately blew a foul and it was Haaland who was responsible for the kill.

The end of the game, Manchester City who have 10 people left since almost half an hour. Defeated Fulham satisfactorily 2-1.