‘Phillips’ reveals his mother was angry after ‘Pep’ criticized him for being fat.

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Calvin Phillips has revealed that his mother was very upset after Pep Guardiola criticized his weight after the 2022 World Cup

. Was in inactive reserve status during his playing career for Manchester City before deciding to leave the team for the opportunity to play on a loan contract with West Ham in January.

The England midfielder revealed that criticism of his weight from City’s boss had a huge impact on his family, especially his mother. “

When Pep came out and said I was too fat, He has the right to do it but there are other ways to go about it,” the former Leeds player said. ทางเข้า ufabet

“I don’t disagree with him. But it definitely has an effect on my confidence and on the feeling I have about City, I might say. My family isn’t happy about this either. Especially my mother.”

Phillips added that Pep was actually annoyed that he reported late after completing his duties with the national team.

“Everyone can say you’re fat. Some people’s weight is 10 kilograms, while mine is 1.5 kilograms, more than my target

. But it was a matter of miscommunication between me and City staff. “

I was told to come back on a certain date. And I always go back sooner. Because I didn’t play much for England during the tournament. ‘

I had just recovered from a shoulder injury, so Pep wanted me to come the day after we finished the tournament. Participated in friendly games But I never received that information. Because if he had asked me to go, I would have gone there already.”