PSG winter market still, fearing financial regulations.

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French media sports expects PSG will not strengthen the team in the winter market. Because the team has already spent a lot of money in the summer.

Paris Saint-Germain Adding a large team in the latest summer market. Including spending money to bring in Lucas Hernandez, Manuel Ugarte, Lee Kang-in, Ousmane Dembele, Bradlay Bargola, Randal Golo Muani and Gonzalo Ramos ทางเข้า UFABET 

Even though football fans expect to see famous stars join the PSG team in the January market. But the French media thinks that last season’s Ligue 1 champions will not spend money to acquire players. And may even not enter the market for fear of being hit by financial regulations.

The French league is audited by the DNCG, which monitors the financial balance sheets and spending of French professional football clubs. Or it can be compared to the financial police as the media nicknames them.

With PSG spending a lot of money in the summer market. This leads us to believe that the executive board does not want to risk having an investigation. Additionally, teams do not want to submit accounts or balance sheets in case they have to buy players in the winter. Because they have to reach out to the executive board. And club president to inform the  DNCG committee in the case of being called or requesting to see the accounts.

An important factor that may cause PSG to change their plans depends on player injuries. However, from the current situation, the media is confident that the famous Paris team will definitely not make a major reinforcement in the winter.