Thomas Frank suffers pain that injury hit by Forest.

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank insisted it was painful for his team to turn from behind to take the lead. But was leveled by Forest football team in added time injured.

“Obviously it’s difficult when you lead in injury time. I’m proud of the team.

“Every player stepped out on a tough away pitch, we were 1-0 down Liverpool, played here two weeks ago and couldn’t come back. The way we played in the second half made me very proud. UFABET But when you lead 2-1 in injury time You have to win.

“I think it’s difficult for referees. I think he did a great job. The late goal has nothing to do with him. Because that’s the VAR control room, I trust, I trust them.

“We didn’t win enough in the second ball. Then we lack quality. We adjusted it in the second half and looked really good.

“Yes, obviously a penalty.”

“Yoan Vissa is different from Ivan Tony (he’s out of action), he’s doing well.

“There are no easy games in this league. not with any team When you are 1-0 down you can see what happened to Liverpool and West Ham. Getting back is not easy. But now it hurts a lot.” Thomas Frank siad.