What is Tiger-Dragon?

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Tiger-Dragon Betting game is another card game. That has been developed from playing baccarat online to make it easier for you to bet. Because you don’t have to worry about whether the dealer will show a 3rd card or not. Because the Dragon Tiger game is a single card showdown on both sides and then come to measure. Which side’s number of points will be more? Origin of Dragon Tiger card game Caused by the suspicion of many card masters when playing baccarat.

Where in many games there are doubts about why to open or not open the 3rd card on each side. So to cut the problem in this regard Cambodian casinos. Therefore choose to improve the traditional form of baccarat. Let it be a card game that reveals 1 card on each side and uses the number of points of those cards to decide easily. This is the origin of Dragon Tiger, a well known card game UFABET 

Rules for playing Tiger-Dragon.

  1. In placing bets, you can choose to place bets in 3 ways, which are Tie, Tiger wins, Dragon wins.
  2. In each game, you will have only 25-50 seconds to place bets, depending on the table and website you choose to play. Before the dealer stops accepting bets and reveals the cards.
  3. The score of each card is K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11, A = 1. In addition, the score of the card is calculated according to the numbers on the card.
  4. winning decision Will look at the number of points of each card on each side And the dealer will deal cards for each side. In order to measure the luck that Which side of the card will have more points?
  5. If the result is always (Tie), those who place bets in the channel tiger or dragon Will only lose 50% of the bet, for example, you bet on the dragon 100 baht, but the result is always You will lose only 50, the remaining change is 50 baht. Tiger-Dragon